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03-26-13 / -

Proposal to Manage Peruvian Subsidiaries and Exploration Programmes


Peru to double current copper output by 2016: mine minister
03-05-13 / -

Peru’s goal is to reach levels equal to 50% of copper production in Chile,


Brent Cook on risk, honesty, and a cut throat Vancouver junior mining scene
02-14-13 / -

"There’s so much of what you don’t know when buying into an early-stage project, but the key is to know what it is that you’re looking for, and what [the deposit] looks like".


Peru ready to roll with ‘prior consultation’ mining law
01-22-13 / -

Peru's long-awaited enrolment of indigenous communities needed to move forward with the country’s new mining law has been completed.


Hundreds in Peru oppose relocating from century-old mining village
01-22-13 / -

Chinalco pretends to relocate 5000 people currently living in Morococha.


Peruvian copper production up 9.37% in July
09-28-12 / -

Peruvian copper production increased 9.37% YoY in July to 109,916 fine metric tons, according to a report by the Ministry of Energy and Mines.

Local residents blockade roads to Barrick's Pierina mine in Peru
09-28-12 /

Huaraz Province in support of demands for water rights.


Peru villagers march against Barrick after police killing
09-24-12 / -

More than 1,000 residents in the Ancash region of Peru are demanding that Barrick leave the region after police killed a resident who held demonstrations against the company.


Shougang Peru workers to start a strike on September 24th
09-18-12 / -

Workers request better working conditions including an increase in their salary.

Peru's social conflict is about more than mining
09-18-12 /

Until the government at all levels work together to address the underlying causes of the social conflict in mining areas, ongoing conflicts will continue to threaten the very investment that could help these communities reduce poverty and improve their well-being.